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Milove (Ukrainian: Мілове) is an urban-type settlement in the Milovskyi Raion of the eastern Ukrainian province of Luhansk. Population is 5,611 (2006).

The town is adjacent to the Russian town of Chertkovo in Rostov Oblast. Milove was first mentioned in 1872 as khutir Milove. It has had the status of an urban-type settlement since 1938.

Its train station is on the Russian side of the border at Chertkovo railway station.

On June, 22, 2014, Pro-Russian militias in Luhansk claimed the destruction of a Ukrainian armoured column in this village. The separatists said they destroyed two tanks and captured several armoured vehicles.

Coordinates: 49°22′40″N 40°07′50″E / 49.37778°N 40.13056°E / 49.37778; 40.13056