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Montague demolition 0961.JPG
Demolition to make way for station, 14 September 2012
Station statistics
Coordinates 37°24′37″N 121°53′28″W / 37.41028°N 121.89111°W / 37.41028; -121.89111Coordinates: 37°24′37″N 121°53′28″W / 37.41028°N 121.89111°W / 37.41028; -121.89111
Line(s) Silicon Valley BART extension
Other information
Opened 2018 (expected)
Owned by Bay Area Rapid Transit
Formerly Montague
Route map
Map of extension showing position of the Milpitas BART station, noted as "Montague".

Milpitas, is a Bay Area Rapid Transit station under construction in the city of Milpitas, California and scheduled to open in 2018 as part of the Silicon Valley BART extension. It will be both the first BART station in Santa Clara County and the first station of the BART San José extension.[1][2] This station will be co-located at the site of the elevated Montague light rail station, a short walk to the Great Mall Main Transit Center, another light-rail stop and AC Transit and VTA bus hub. It will be preceded by the Warm Springs BART station.


The station will lie between the Warm Springs and Berryessa stations as part of Phase I of the Santa Clara County extension project.[1] It will be co-located with the Montague Light Rail station and be in close proximity to the North San Jose/Milpitas high tech job hub and the Great Mall of the Bay Area.[1] The station will be 27 acres (11 ha) and have an 8 story parking garage.[1] The station concourse will be located at-grade. It will feature two side platforms, located underground.

The station was originally to be called Montague, as the name Milpitas was being reserved for the planned Calaveras station in downtown Milpitas, which has been delayed. Since it will be the first and only station in Milpitas for some years, BART naming standards dictate that it should be named after the city.

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) received a $900 million grant commitment for federal funding for the Silicon Valley Extension in March 2012.[3] Demolition work for the Milpitas station site began in August 2012.[4]

Bus service will be provided by Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and AC Transit.


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