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Milton Terris (1915–2002) was an American public health physician and epidemiologist. He graduated from Columbia University in 1935 and completed his MD at the NYU College of Medicine in 1939 and his MPH from Johns Hopkins University in 1944. He was associate professor of preventive medicine at the State University of New York at Buffalo from 1951 thru 1957, and was professor of epidemiology at Tulane University from 1958 thru 1960. He was head of the Chronic Disease Unit of the New York City Public Health Research Institute from 1960 thru 1963. In 1964 he became professor and chair of the department of preventive medicine at New York Medical College, serving in that role until his retirement in 1980.[1]

He was president of the American Public Health Association from 1966 thru 1967.[2] In 1980 he founded the Journal of Public Health Policy and served as its editor until his death in 2002. He joined with several other past presidents of APHA in 1980 to found the National Association for Public Health Policy and served as president of that organization until 1993.[1][3]


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