Milwaukee District / North Line

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Milwaukee District / North Line
Metra City of Woodstock in Deerfield.jpg
A Metra train approaches the Deerfield station along the line
Type Commuter rail
System Metra
Termini Union Station
Fox Lake
Stations 22
Daily ridership 24,500 (Avg. Weekday 2009)[1]
Owner Metra, Canadian Pacific
Operator(s) Metra (Dispatched primarily by CP)
Line length 49.5 miles (79.7 km)
Track gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm)
Route map
73.6 mi 
118.4 km 
67.3 mi 
108.3 km 
55.8 mi 
89.8 km 
Solon Mills
53.8 mi 
86.6 km 
Spring Grove
49.4 mi 
79.5 km 
Fox Lake
47.8 mi 
76.9 km 
47.0 mi 
75.6 km 
Wilson Road
46.1 mi 
74.2 km 
Long Lake
44.2 mi 
71.1 km 
Round Lake
41.0 mi 
66 km 
39.8 mi 
64.1 km 
Prairie Crossing
35.5 mi 
57.1 km 
Des Plaines River
Chicago River(north branch)
Empire Builder
to Seattle or Portland
Hiawatha Service
to Milwaukee
North Shore Bike Path
32.3 mi 
52 km 
Chicago River(north branch)
28.4 mi 
45.7 km 
Lake Forest
24.6 mi 
39.6 km 
23.4 mi 
37.7 km 
Lake Cook Road
21.0 mi 
33.8 km 
20.2 mi 
32.5 km 
18.5 mi 
29.8 km 
North Glenview
17.4 mi 
28 km 
Glenview Amtrak
15.4 mi 
24.8 km 
Chicago River(north branch)
14.6 mi 
23.5 km 
Morton Grove
11.5 mi 
18.5 km 
Chicago River(north branch)
10.2 mi 
16.4 km 
Forest Glen
CTA Blue Line
9.2 mi 
14.8 km 
8.3 mi 
13.4 km 
7.5 mi 
12.1 km 
MD-W to Elgin
Coach Yard
2.9 mi 
4.7 km 
Western Avenue
Chicago 'L'
Northwest branch
CTA Green and Pink Lines
0 mi Union Station Amtrak
BNSF to Aurora
HC to Joliet
SWS to Manhattan

The Milwaukee District / North Line (MD-N) is a Metra commuter rail line in Chicago, Illinois, and its suburbs. Metra does not refer to any of its lines by color, but the timetable accents for the Milwaukee District / North line are pale "Hiawatha Orange," honoring the Milwaukee Road's Hiawatha passenger trains.[2]

The line runs from Union Station in downtown Chicago through northern suburbs to Fox Lake, Illinois. In April 2013 the public timetable shows 30 weekday departures from Chicago, 18 running to Fox Lake.

In the 1980s this line was the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad (Milwaukee Road). With the demise of the Milwaukee Road, ownership eventually passed to Metra. Today this service is one of several Metra routes operated by Metra crews, but trains are dispatched, under contract, by the Canadian Pacific Railway which runs freight service over parts of this route.

The Milwaukee District/North Line route and Metra's track ownership diverges from the Chicago - Milwaukee - Minneapolis mainline at Rondout, Illinois and proceeds northwesterly toward Fox Lake. This secondary route, owned by Metra, was known as the Janesville Subdivision (J-Sub) of the Milwaukee Road. The mainline north of Rondout is owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway (CP). The mainline hosts Amtrak intercity passenger trains, the Hiawatha Service to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the Empire Builder to the Pacific Northwest. These trains operate out Union Station stopping only in Glenview, Cook County, Illinois.[3]

Until 1984 there was a stop in Rondout. The station building itself was demolished in the mid-1960s. The station was between the Lake Forest and Libertyville stops.[4] Metra service and track ownership ends at Fox Lake. The tracks beyond Fox Lake are owned by the State of Wisconsin and operated for freight service by the Wisconsin and Southern Railroad. Commuter service beyond Fox Lake, abolished in 1982, served the communities of Spring Grove, Illinois, Solon Mills, Illinois, Zenda, Wisconsin, and Walworth, Wisconsin.[5]

Station stops[edit]

Milwaukee District/North Line trains make the following station stops:

Station name Location
Union Station Downtown Chicago
Western Avenue Humboldt Park, Chicago
Healy Hermosa, Chicago
Grayland Irving Park, Chicago
Mayfair Albany Park, Chicago
Forest Glen Forest Glen, Chicago
Morton Grove Morton Grove, Illinois
Golf Golf, Illinois
Glenview Glenview, Illinois
North Glenview
Northbrook Northbrook, Illinois
Lake Cook Road Deerfield, Illinois
Lake Forest Lake Forest, Illinois
Libertyville Libertyville, Illinois
Prairie Crossing
Grayslake Grayslake, Illinois
Round Lake Round Lake, Illinois
Long Lake Long Lake, Illinois
Ingleside Ingleside, Illinois
Fox Lake Fox Lake, Illinois


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