Central Min

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Central Min
Min Zhong
Native to Southern China, United States (mainly California)
Region eastern Fujian; Fuzhou; Yong'an, Sanming
Native speakers
3.1 million  (2000 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 czo
Glottolog minz1235[2]
Min Zhong (pink)

Central Min, or Min Zhong (simplified Chinese: 闽中; traditional Chinese: 閩中; pinyin: Mǐnzhōng), is a member of the Min subcategory of the Chinese language. It is spoken around Yong'an, Sanming and Sha located in the central mountain areas of Fujian. The total population of approximately 3 million native speakers, is the fourth most common variety of the Min branch of Chinese.


  • Sanming
  • Yong'an
  • Shaxian


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