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Min zin is an internal system of exercise and energy-healing from Myanmar. It can be used to defend against threats that are physical, mental (e.g. negative impulses and emotions) or spiritual in nature.

Min zin was probably based on similar arts from ancient India, Tibet and China.[original research?] Myanmar has long been a major crossroads between China, Tibet and India. From 500 BC to 300 AD in particular, thousands of monks from China traveled through northern Burma on their pilgrimage to the holy sites in India. Many of them settled in the monasteries on the northeastern borders between Myanmar and China. There monks taught different styles and systems of qigong to local monks.

There are different levels and types of min zin. It is used for a variety of purposes, including healing or enhancing one's martial prowess. The main objectives of min zin are to:

  1. control disruptive and destructive emotions,
  2. improve physical well being and health,
  3. achieve emotional balance and spiritual tranquility.

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