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Minako Komukai
Komukai Minako @ ASIA ADULT EXPO 2010 01.JPG
Minako Komukai at Asia Adult Expo 2010
Native name 小向 美奈子
Born Minako Komukai
(1985-05-27) May 27, 1985 (age 29)
Kanagawa, Japan
Occupation Pornographic actress, actress, stripper
Years active 2001–present

Minako Komukai (小向 美奈子 Komukai Minako?, born May 27, 1985 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese model, actress, stripper and AV Idol.

Life and career[edit]

Early career[edit]

After dropping out of school, at age 15 Komukai began her career as a "gravure model" (a model who poses for men's magazines in suggestive fashion but fully clothed) and a swimsuit model.[1] In 2001 she had a guest-star role as a schoolgirl in the Nippon Television comedy Danjiki: Buddhist Diet Secrets (歓迎!ダンジキ御一行様 Kangei! Danjiki Goikkosama?).[2] For her appearances as a gravure idol and on television, she was selected as a "Fuji Television Visual Queen" for 2001.[3] The next year she starred in the anime series Whistle! (ホイッスル!?), voicing the part of the boy hero Sho Kazamatsuri, broadcast in 2002 in 39 episodes on the Animax TV network.[4][5] In 2003 Komukai starred in her first movie, the horror film Chain (チェーン?) directed by Atsushi Shimizu and released to theaters on July 19, 2003.[6]

Komukai was cast as Princess Freezia in the Toei's August 2003 theatrical release of Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger Deluxe: Abare Summer Is Freezing Cold!, part of the long-running Super Sentai series.[7] She returned to TV work starring as high school girl Rion Kano in the TV Tokyo romantic supernatural series Vampire Host (ヴァンパイアホスト ~夜型愛人専門店~?) which was broadcast from April to June 2004.[8] She also starred in a very different role as the female sword fighter Sayuri in the period action drama Ranbu: Enbu kenshi (RANBU 艶舞剣士?), which reached theaters in November 2004.[9]

In addition to modeling and acting, Komukai also appeared at Japanese video game events and eventually became acquainted with Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima, appearing as a guest on his HIDECHAN! Radio show in 2006.[10]

Drug problems[edit]

In September 2008, Komukai's agent R.I.P. (株式会社リップ?) announced that they were cancelling her exclusive contract because her poor health, mental instability and absences for the past few years had made it impossible for them to continue their support.[11] In November of that same year, Komukai stirred the gravure world with her allegations that the industry was full of seedy types who attempt to solicit prostitution work out of the models although she denied any participation in prostitution activities herself.[1] In January 2009, she was arrested on drug charges. She was convicted in Tokyo District Court in February 2009 of drug law violations for using methamphetamines and was sentenced to 18 months in prison suspended for three years. At the trial Komukai said she had been using drugs since mid-2007 under coercion from the man she had been dating.[12][13] Komukai published a tell-all autobiography in November 2009 titled I'm Really Sorry (いっぱい、ごめんネ。 Ippai, gomen ne?) (ISBN 978-4198628581) in which she talks about dropping out of high school, early sexual activity and her drug problems.[10][14]

Komukai starred in the 2010 Toei film Flower and Snake 3 (花と蛇3 Hana to hebi 3?) directed by Yusuke Narita. This was a sequel to Toei's sadomasochistic-themed 2004 film Flower and Snake, which was itself a remake of the classic 1974 version (Flower and Snake).[15] The Japan Times reviewer's opinion of her acting abilities was not flattering.[16] In 2010, Komukai started a career as a stripper.[17]

When Tokyo police broke up a group of Japanese and Iranian drug dealers in October 2010, they found Komukai's name listed as a customer and in February 2011, they issued a warrant for her arrest. Komukai had left Japan by this time and was in Manila. In a February 14 interview in Manila, she denied the drug allegations, said she was "not afraid of getting arrested" and would soon be returning to Japan.[18][19] Komukai was arrested for a second time on drug charges for alleged possession of methamphetamines at Tokyo's Narita International Airport when she returned from Manila on February 25, 2011.[20] In March 2011, Komukai, who denied she was a customer of the drug gang, was released due to lack of evidence.[21]

AV debut[edit]

In October 2011 she entered the adult video (AV) industry as an exclusive actress for the company Alice Japan with the video AV Actress Minako Komukai.[22][23] It was reported that she was being paid 100 million yen (nearly US$1 million) for a five film contract.[24] Her AV debut film was a huge commercial success, selling over 200.000 copies in a field where 10,000 copies constitute a hit. In early 2012 with AV sales generally declining due to internet competition, other adult studios were also looking to sign big names from other areas of entertainment, a so-called "Minako Komukai effect."[12][25]


Theatrical Films[edit]

  • Chain (チェーン?) (2003)
  • Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger Deluxe: Abare Summer Is Freezing Cold! (2003)
  • The Big Slaughter Club: Growing (集団殺人クラブ GROWING Shūdan Satsujin Kurabu: GROWING?) (2004)
  • Ranbu: Enbu kenshi (RANBU 艶舞剣士?) (2004)
  • Tenshi ga Orita Hi (天使が降りた日?) (2005)
  • Flower and Snake 3 (花と蛇3 Hana to hebi 3?) (2010)


  • Danjiki: Buddhist Diet Secrets (歓迎!ダンジキ御一行様 Kangei! Danjiki Goikkosama?) (2001)
  • Whistle! (ホイッスル!?) (2002)
  • Vampire Host (2004)

Adult videos (AV)[edit]

Released[26] Video title Company Director Notes
2010-01-07 Dangerous Stripper SOD
Non-sex video
2011-10-14 (DVD)
2011-11-11 (Blu-ray)
AV Actress Minako Komukai
AV女優 小向美奈子
Alice Japan
DV-1313 (DVD)
AJBD-0004 (Blu-ray)
Ryuichi Arisugawa AV debut
2011-12-09 (DVD)
2012-01-13 (Blu-ray)
Arousal Minako Komukai
挑発 小向美奈子
Alice Japan
DV-1336 (DVD)
AJBD-0007 (Blu-ray)
Ryuichi Arisugawa
2012-02-10 (DVD)
2012-03-09 (Blu-ray)
Infinity Minako Komukai
∞ 小向美奈子
Alice Japan
DV-1355 (DVD)
AJBD-0008 (Blu-ray)
Ryuichi Arisugawa
2012-06-22 Minako Komukai Complete
小向美奈子 コンプリート
Alice Japan
Ryuichi Arisugawa Compilation of her first three videos for Alice Japan
2013-02-22 (DVD)
2013-03-22 (Blu-ray)
Minako Komukai x Alice Japan - Special Featuring Comprehensive Footage From Popular Series
小向美奈子×アリスJAPAN 人気シリーズ完全網羅スペシャル 小向美奈子
Alice Japan
AJBD-0012 (Blu-ray)
Ryuichi Arisugawa
2013-12-13 Big Dynamite Minako Komukai
巨乳ダイナマイト 小向美奈子
Alice Japan
Tiger Kosakai
2014-02-01 Beach Queen Minako Komukai
Alice Japan
Zack Arai
2014-04-11 Rape Deviation Minako Komukai
レイプ狂い 小向美奈子
Alice Japan
Zack Arai


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