Minamoto no Tsunemoto

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Minamoto no Tsunemoto drawn by Kikuchi Yosai
In this Japanese name, the family name is "Minamoto".

Minamoto no Tsunemoto (源 經基?, 894–961) was a samurai and Imperial Prince during Japan's Heian period, the progenitor of the Seiwa Genji branch of the Minamoto clan. He was the son of Sadazumi-shinnō and grandson of Emperor Seiwa.

Tsunemoto took part in a number of campaigns for the Imperial Court, including those against Taira no Masakado in 940 and against Fujiwara no Sumitomo the following year.

He held the title of Chinjufu-shogun, or Commander-in-chief of the Defense of the North, and was granted the clan name of Minamoto by the Emperor in 961, the year he died.

Tsunemoto was the father of Minamoto no Mitsunaka.


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