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Minas-Rio is an iron ore mining project in Brazil.[1] It is one of the world's largest mining projects, and is initially expected to export 26.5 million tonnes of iron ore in 2013, through a 525 km slurry pipeline to a port at Açu;[2] production potential is 53 Mtpa or higher.[3]

The project was bought by Anglo American PLC, which is facing high costs.[4][5] The mine has certified reserves of 4.6 billion tonnes of itabirite.[6]

There have been delays in starting the project, but in December 2010, Anglo American obtained a key license needed from Brazilian government before mining could start.[7][8]

Carroll is proud of Minas-Rio is an article in the SUNDAY TIMES and speaks about a money spinner and that in 2016 the project will start up.

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