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Mincing is a food preparation technique in which food ingredients are finely divided into uniform pieces.[1] Minced food is in smaller pieces than diced or chopped foods, and is often prepared with a chef's knife or food processor.[2][3]

For a true mince, the effect is to create a closely bonded mixture of ingredients and a soft or pasty texture.[3] However, in many recipes, the intention is for firmer foods such as onions and other root vegetables to remain in individual chunks when minced.[4]

Flavoring ingredients such as garlic, ginger, and fresh herbs may be minced in this way to distribute flavor more evenly in a mixture. Additionally bruising of the tissue can release juices and oils to deliver flavors uniformly in a sauce. Mincemeat tarts and pâtés employ mincing in the preparation of moldable paste. Meat is also minced and this cooking technique is used in Greek cuisine.[original research?][citation needed]

Mince Rallies[edit]

Mince rallies are an Australian phenomenon where mince fanatics gather to celebrate their love of mince. The most famous occasion was hosted by Status Quo where seemingly psychic controlled drones were grovelling over the incredible opportunity to buy mince afforded to them by Coles' low prices. [5]


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