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Type Private
Industry Electronic
Founded 1956
Headquarters Fridley, Minnesota, USA
Key people Dana Schurr, CEO
Products Flexible heaters, Flexible circuits, Temperature sensors and Temperature monitoring and control instrumentation
Employees 1,000
Website www.Minco.com

Minco is a multimillion-dollar privately owned company with 1,000 employees worldwide. Based in Fridley, Minnesota, the company manufactures and sells, among other things, flexible printed circuit board and interconnects, RTD based temperature sensors and assemblies, flat flexible heater for industrial, medical, aerospace and food service applications.[1]

Minco specializes in customizing components for demanding applications and has manufacturing facilities in the United States and France and sales and support offices in the United States, UK, Germany, France, Japan, China and Singapore.

Corporate divisions[edit]

The company's major product lines include its ThermofoilTM Flexible Heaters, its Temperature and Humidity Sensors, its Flexible Circuit Boards and Flexible Electrical Interconnects.

Minco's ThermofoilTM Heater Business Unit is the world's largest manufacturer of polyimide (KaptonTM) insulated etched foil heaters. They are generally used in applications where low weight, low profile and high energy efficiency, as well as precision conductive heat input are more critical than cost. One example of this would be Medical diagnostic equipment. They also offer transparent heaters, silicone rubber insulated heaters, high temperature mica insulated heaters and a unique thick film on aluminum heaters.

Minco's Flex Circuits Business Unit designs and manufactures custom flexible circuits (a.k.a. flex circuits) for high-end applications that require a high degree of control and traceability for use in critical medical and defense products. Minco offers both standard feature products and High Density Interconnect (HDI) products.

Minco's Sensors & Instruments Business Unit is the world's largest manufacturer of custom temperature elements and assemblies for the rotating equipment industry (large generators, turbines and motors). It also offers customized temperature and relative humidity sensors and temperature transmitters for the petroleum, medical equipment, semiconductor equipment, industrial equipment and food service industries as well as high-end critical building automation and control applications. It also provides both custom and standard signal processing and transmitting products along with temperature monitoring, control and alarm solutions.

Company history[edit]

Minco Products was founded by Karl Schurr in 1956. It was started in his home where he made custom wire based electronic components as a contractor. This wire handling capability lead to the development of wire wound RTD products. In 1960 Minco developed the first Thermofoil heater using etch foils. That eventually led to the development of its etched foil flex circuit products. Minco eventually developed signal transmitters to complement their RTD products.

Karl Schurr remained as company President until his death in 1999 at which time his son, Dana Schurr, assumed the role of President. In his role as President, Dana oversaw the expansion of Minco's sales offices into Singapore, the UK and Germany, a major reorganization of the company and the implementation of a new ERP system.


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