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The MindCandy DVDs are video compilations of demoscene demos. These DVDs are the result of the DemoDVD Project, a collaboration between several Hornet members.

Volume 1: PC Demos[edit]

The first volume, entitled MindCandy Volume 1: PC Demos is a double-sided compilation of 42 demos from the PC demoscene, including productions by groups such as Future Crew, Triton, Renaissance, and Farbrausch. It was released in December, 2002, and its resulting success prompted the decision to develop a second volume featuring Amiga demos.

The DVD also contains a "featurette", a short introduction film to the demoscene, containing interviews with Jim "Trixter" Leonard, Alex "Statix" Evans and the core members of Future Crew, as well as video reports from various larger demoparties, and rare videos from the making of Second Reality. The discs also feature a tribute video to David "White Shadow" Cooper, one of the pioneer coders of the PC demoscene.

Saint petition[edit]

During the production of the DVD in early 2002, a minor uproar appeared on the demoscene, when various sceners voiced concern about the demo Saint by Halcyon and Da Jormas being left off from the DVD. (Ironically, despite the cult status of the demo, the demo itself was disqualified from Assembly.) A petition was also started to raise the producers' awareness over the demand. The voices were soon heard and the demo was placed on the top of the standby-list.

Included demos[edit]

Side one: "transcendental vistas"[edit]

  • Wonder (Sunflower)
  • 604 (AND, Sly, SynSUN)
  • Kosmiset Avaruus Sienet (Haujobb)
  • Further (Moppi Productions)
  • Chrome (Damage)
  • Volatile (Addict)
  • Tesla (Sunflower)
  • Broadband (T-Rex)
  • Mikrostrange (Haujobb)
  • Moral Hard Candy (Blasphemy)
  • TE-2RB (TPOLM)
  • Le Petit Prince (Kolor)
  • Energia (Sunflower)
  • Gerbera (Moppi Productions)
  • Lapsus (Maturefurk)
  • Enlight the Surreal (Noice)
  • Experimental (Wipe)
  • Live Evil (Mandula)
  • The Nonstop Ibiza Experience (Orange)
  • Codename Chinadoll (Katastro.fi)
  • Art (Haujobb)
  • Kasparov (Elitegroup)

Side two: "kickin' it oldskool"[edit]

  • Second Reality (Future Crew)
  • Megademo (The Space Pigs)
  • Cronologia (Cascada)
  • Unreal (Future Crew)
  • Amnesia (Renaissance)
  • Panic (Future Crew)
  • Crystal Dream 2 (Triton)
  • Show (Majic 12)
  • Verses (Electromotive Force)
  • Dope (Complex)
  • X14 (Orange)
  • Stars: Wonders of the World (Nooon)
  • Reve (Pulse)
  • Paimen (COMA)
  • Inside (CNCD)
  • Megablast (Orange)
  • 303 (Acme)
  • Saint (Halcyon & Da Jormas)
  • Square (Pulse)
  • Riprap (Exceed)

Volume 2: Amiga Demos[edit]

The second volume of the DVD series was completed, after numerous delays, in December 2006. The production crew visited Breakpoint 2003 to film interviews and demoparty footage. A limited edition preview disc was distributed at Assembly 2005 and offered for download thereafter. Volume 2 was made available in both PAL and NTSC video format. The PAL edition started shipping in mid December, 2006. The NTSC edition shipped in late December, and the official commercial release was on January 16, 2007. The disc is single-sided, dual-layer, but otherwise is packaged similarly to Volume 1. On May 15th 2012 an announcement was made on Defacto2.net indicating that volume 2 has sold out and that both the PAL and NTSC editions are now available for free download.[1][2]

Included demos[edit]

  • Megademo (Red Sector Inc.)
  • Mental Hangover (Scoopex)
  • Enigma (Phenomena)
  • Voyage (Razor 1911)
  • Hardwired (Silents & Crionics)
  • Human Target (Melon Dezign)
  • World of Commodore (Sanity)
  • State of the Art (Spaceballs)
  • Desert Dream (Kefrens)
  • Groovy (Lemon)
  • 242 (Virtual Dreams (of Fairlight))
  • 9 Fingers (Spaceballs)
  • Arte (Sanity)
  • Friday At Eight (Polka Brothers)
  • Love (Virtual Dreams (of Fairlight))
  • Nexus 7 (Andromeda)
  • Deep - The Psilocybin Mix (CNCD & Parallax)
  • Closer (CNCD)
  • Tint (The Black Lotus)
  • Sumea (Virtual Dreams (of Fairlight))
  • Captured Dreams (The Black Lotus)
  • Killer (CNCD)
  • Relic (Nerve Axis)
  • Smokebomb (Ozone)
  • Klone (Dual Crew - Shining)
  • Concrete (Ephidrena)
  • Perfect Circle (The Black Lotus)
  • Lapsuus (Maturefurk)
  • Fate Fits Karma (Madwizards)
  • Silkcut (The Black Lotus)

Volume 3: PC Demos 2003-2010[edit]

Included demos[edit]

  • The Popular Demo (Farbrausch)
  • Stargazer (Orb & Andromeda)
  • 1995 (Kewlers & mfx)
  • Wir Sind Einstein (United Force & Digital Dynamite)
  • Iconoclast (Andromeda Software Development)
  • Masagin (Farbrausch & Neuro)
  • Ix (Moppi Productions)
  • Track One (Fairlight)
  • Lifeforce (Andromeda Software Development)
  • Final Audition (Plastic)
  • Size Antimatters (Andromeda Software Development)
  • Electric Kool-Aid (Synesthetics)
  • Theta (Farbrausch)
  • Deities (mfx)
  • Passing (Still)
  • Only One Wish (Fairlight & The Black Lotus)
  • Bombman (Matt Current)
  • Nazca (Cocoon)
  • You Should (Haujobb)
  • We Cell (Kewlers)
  • Faded Memories (Farbrausch)
  • Instant Zen (Synesthetics)
  • Onwards (Traction)
  • Metamorphosis / Midnight Run (Andromeda Software Development)
  • Route 1066 (UKScene Allstars)
  • Agenda Circling Forth (CNCD & Fairlight)
  • Aether (mfx)
  • Ferner (Still)
  • The Beauty (Einklang.net)
  • Inflorescence (mfx)
  • Vokawardoai (Satori)
  • Chromosphere (SQNY)
  • Debris (Farbrausch)
  • Rupture (Andromeda Software Development)
  • Frameranger (CNCD, Fairlight, Orange)
  • Shad 3 (Cocoon)
  • Into The Pink (Plastic)
  • Happiness Is Around The Bend (Andromeda Software Development)
  • Rove (Farbrausch)

PC intro showcase: four 64k intros and one 4k intro

  • Frameskool (Equinox)
  • Heaven 7 (Exceed)
  • Chaos Theory (Conspiracy)
  • Panic Room (Fairlight)
  • Elevated (RGBA & TBC)

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