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MindMaple interface
Developer(s) MindMaple Inc.
Stable release 1.63 / July 16, 2013; 20 months ago (2013-07-16)
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, iOS
Type Mind mapping
License Commercial
Website www.mindmaple.com

MindMaple is a mind mapping software developed by MindMaple Inc. MindMaple was designed to be a versatile tool for project management, brainstorming, managing schedules, creating visual presentations, sharing ideas, and other purposes. It can be used as a business, education, or personal tool.

Mind mapping software is designed to help individuals organize ideas and concepts by representing them as visual topics and subtopics related by lines or arrows. MindMaple uses a “drawing interface” designed to be more intuitive than the interfaces of other mind mapping software products. MindMaple was designed with a variety of users in mind, “from business professionals to students.” .[1]

File Format and Exporting[edit]

By default, MindMaple saves mind maps in a format called MindMaple maps, using the suffix .emm.

MindMaple can also export mind maps to other files formats, including Plain Text files (.txt), Microsoft Word documents (.doc), Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (.xls), and Microsoft Powerpoint presentations (.ppt). In these cases, the information in the mind map is converted to a style more appropriate for the final file type. For example, mind maps exported to the .doc format are converted into a text outline.


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