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Mind Quiz: Exercise Your Brain is a trivia game for the PlayStation Portable, similar to its Nintendo DS counterpart, Mind Quiz: Your Brain Coach.


The game offers over 40 training games,[1] each being separated into 4 Brain Training categories:

  1. Calculation — Tests the player's ability to apply their mathematics skills.
  2. Reflex — Displays problems that mostly require the player to rapidly press the buttons.
  3. Judgement — Examines how well the player can apply their decision-making and thinking skills.
  4. Memory — Tests the player's ability to memorize certain numbers, shapes, and the like.

Mind quizzes can be very educational to most kids for their mind.

Grading System[edit]

Grades in Mind Quiz range from A+ to E,[1] each being associated with a different level of performance.

A+ A B+ B C+ C D+ D E+ E
>95.0% 90-94.9% 85-89.9% 80-84.9% 70-79.9% 60-69.9% 50-59.9% 40-49.9% 30-39.9% <29.9%

Game Modes[edit]

Game modes include[2]

  • Datafile, measures performance in each of the five areas
  • Save/Delete, allows the player to save or delete his data
  • Brain Age Test, tests brain age with four mini-examinations
  • Training
  • Challenge


Take any one of five different exams testing in all four Mind Quiz fields.[2]


View two different galleries: one containing animal pictures, and one containing Brain Trainer Awards.[2]


Accessible from the Main Menu, this function requires two PSP systems with the Mind Quiz: Exercise Your Brain UMD inside, and with the WLAN switch on. One player selects "Player Search" and is the host. The other player selects "Participate" and is the recipient. Once a connection is established, the players prepare and start competing. Each player is given a set number of questions. Whoever gets all questions first wins.


After entering the Training Mode, the player is asked his first question. When the game is finished, a report card will show time, rate %, and letter grade, along with a comment from the teacher.


The game had generally favorable reviews. For example, the game averaged 75.3 on Metacritic.[3]


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