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Web address www.mindat.org
Slogan the mineral and locality database
Commercial? No
Crystalline copper "feather" from Itauz Mine, Kazakhstan, an example of a photo by Rob Lavinsky from the mindat database

Mindat.org is a non-commercial online mineralogical database, claiming to be the largest mineral database and mineralogical reference website on the internet.

It contains a significant database of minerals, localities and mineral photographs, and is updated constantly by registered users adding and editing entries.

As of 2013, it included:

  • 41,786 mineral names (this includes mineral varieties, synonyms and discredited names), of which 4,723 are minerals recognised by the International Mineralogical Association.
  • 236,974 mineral localities worldwide, with information on 774,370 mineral occurrences within these sites
  • 135,896 of the localities have maps and/or grid coordinates available, and the site can use a google map applet to show the location.
  • Over 500,000 photos of minerals have been uploaded, arranged into galleries from collectors worldwide who wish to share their mineral collections online.
  • 32,512 users registered to upload photos and/or edit data.

History of Mindat.org[edit]

Mindat was started in 1993 as a personal database project by Jolyon Ralph. He then developed further versions as a Microsoft Windows application before launching a community-editable database web site in late 2000.[1] Mindat.org now uses the MediaWiki software for its online manual.[2]

Jolyon Ralph was awarded the Mineralogical Society of America's Distinguished public service medal in 2011 for his work on Mindat.org.[3]

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