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Studio album by Toto
Released March 16, 1999 (Europe)
November 16, 1999 (USA)
Genre Arena rock, pop rock
Length 78:50
Label Legacy
Producer Toto, Elliot Scheiner
Toto chronology
Toto XX

Mindfields is the 10th studio album by the American rock band Toto. It was released on November 16, 1999. Mindfields saw the return of vocalist Bobby Kimball, who had departed the band following the 1982 album Toto IV.


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 1.5/5 stars[1]
Q 3/5 stars[2]

Allmusic called the album "Overlong, overwrought, and devoid of personality", and found the usage of musical styles from other cultures contrived and dull.[1]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Lead vocals Length
1. "After You've Gone"   Lukather, Phil Soussan Lukather 6:37
2. "Mysterious Ways"   Mark Hudson, Lukather, Paich, Dean Grakal Kimball and Lukather 3:42
3. "Mindfields"   Kimball, Lukather, Paich, Phillips, M.Porcaro Kimball 6:04
4. "High Price of Hate1"   Lukather, Lynch, Paich, Phillips, M.Porcaro Kimball 9:22
5. "Selfish"   Lukather, Lynch, Paich Kimball 5:30
6. "No Love"   Paich, Lukather, Randy Goodrum Lukather 4:34
7. "Caught in the Balance"   Lukather, David Paich, Phillips, Mike Porcaro, Stan Lynch, Kimball Kimball 6:21
8. "Last Love"   Lukather, Paich Lukather 4:58
9. "Mad About You"   Paich, Joseph Williams Kimball 4:24
10. "One Road"   Lukather, Paich, Goodrum Kimball 3:45
11. "Melanie"   Lukather, Paich, Goodrum Lukather 5:19
12. "Cruel"   Jed Leiber, Simon Phillips, Bobby Kimball, Steve Lukather Kimball 5:57
13. "Better World (Parts I, II & III)"   Lukather, Paich, Phillips Lukather 7:50
14. "Spanish Steps Of Rome2"   Lukather, Paich Paich 4:27

1 On some copies of the album, a longer version of "High Price of Hate" was used clocking in at 9:49.
2 Bonus track on North American and Japanese versions of the album.



Guest musicians[edit]

  • Clint Black - harmonica and backing vocals on "No Love"
  • Timothy B. Schmit - backing vocals "After You've Gone", "Mysterious Ways", "Selfish" and "Melanie"
  • Phil Soussan - backing vocals "After You've Gone"
  • Richard Page - backing vocals on "Cruel", "Caught In The Balance", "Mindfields" and "Mad About You"
  • Maria Vidal- backing vocals on "Spanish Steps"
  • Steve Porcaro - synthesizers


  • Melanie / Spanish steps of Rome
  • Melanie / Spanish steps of Rome / White Sister / Girl Goodbye


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