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Mindy White (born June 19, 1989) is an American musician who is a former member of Arizona-based indie rock band Lydia and current lead vocalist of the band States.

Mindy was born in Houston, Texas and later moved to Nashville, Tennessee when she was 5 years old when her parents wanted to pursue music themselves. White is vegan.[1] In early 2007, she joined the indie rock group Lydia on vocals and piano, and left in 2009 to start her own band, States, with former members of the band Copeland: Bryan Laurenson (guitar), Jonathan Bucklew (drums), Dean Lorenz (bass), and Stephen Laurenson (guitar).[2] Mindy has sung with many iconic singers, such as Anthony Green from Circa Survive on a holiday cover of the song Baby, It's Cold Outside in 2010[3] and artist BLACKBEAR on his song "End Up" in 2012.[4]


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