Mineiros do Tietê

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Mineiros de Tietê
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Location of the municipality within the state
Location of the municipality within the state
Coordinates: 22°24′34″S 48°27′02″W / 22.40944°S 48.45056°W / -22.40944; -48.45056Coordinates: 22°24′34″S 48°27′02″W / 22.40944°S 48.45056°W / -22.40944; -48.45056
Country  Brazil
State São Paulo
 • Total 212.44 km2 (82.02 sq mi)
Elevation 669 m (2,195 ft)
Population (2004)
 • Total 12,407
 • Density 58/km2 (150/sq mi)

Mineiros do Tietê is a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. The estimated population in 2004 is 12,407. It is situated in the center of the state of São Paulo, near the following cities: Dois Córregos (9 km), Barra Bonita (13 km), Jaú (18 km), São Manuel (45 km), Torrinha (35 km), Igaraçu do Tietê (15 km), Lençois Paulista (46 km), Pederneiras (45 km) and Bauru (82 km).


It is located at 22º24'34" S latitude and 48º27'02" W longitude, at an altitude of 669 meters. Its estimated area is 212.44 km².


The city was founded in 1840, when many tropical convoys left the mining towns of Caldas Novas, Santana do Sapucai and Alfenas with the objective of taking undeveloped lands. The same happened with the neighboring towns of Jaú, Brotas and Dois Córregos. A town was formed in the area, known as the Miners' Barrio. In 1875, after legalizing his properties, Vicente Valério dos Santos donated 4 alqueires of land to the Catholic Church for a diocese, and to build a chapel.

On January 17, 1891, this diocese and chapel were elevated to the status of District of Peace for the town of Dois Córregos.

On August 29, 1898, State Law number 581 was passed, elevating the town to the status of Municipality with the name of Mineiros, and electing a City Council, Mayor and other administrators.

In 1944, after a local election, the name was changed to Mineiros do Tietê, named after the local Tietê River, because there was another town named Mineiros in the neighboring state of Goiás.