Mineral (band)

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Origin Austin
United States
Genres Emo
Years active 1994–98
Labels Caulfield
Associated acts The Gloria Record
Kissing Chaos
Pop Unknown
Pretty the Quick Black Eyes
The Glass Family
Gold Beach
Green Grass (band) (San Diego)
Past members Chris Simpson
Scott McCarver
Jeremy Gomez
Gabriel Wiley

Mineral was a prominent mid-90s emo band originally from Houston, Texas, but soon relocated to Austin following their formation. All four members of Mineral were signed to Interscope Records on individual contracts. Its former members have since moved on to other musical projects including The Gloria Record, Pop Unknown, and Zookeeper.

Mineral's music is characterized by its iterated soft/loud structure, overlaid with melodic, off-key vocals and ethereal guitar-based instrumental bridges. Many of their songs adhere to the formulas and now ubiquitous stylistic conventions associated with "emo" pioneers Sunny Day Real Estate.[1] Mineral's subtle balance between angst-ridden kinetics and wistful underpinnings, in conjunction with their intelligent lyrics, have heavily influenced many bands of the late 1990s and 2000s.[2]

In 2010, a compilation CD of all the band's songs (except for "Sadder Star", from the First Crush comp) was released in Japan, entitled "The Complete Collection".


  • Chris Simpson – vocals/guitar
  • Scott McCarver – guitar
  • Jeremy Gomez – bass
  • Gabriel Wiley – drums



  • "Gloria/Parking Lot" (The Audio Concept Records, 1994)
  • "Gloria/Parking Lot" (Caulfield Records, re-release, 1995)
  • "February/M.D." (Caulfield Records, 1996)
  • "Crazy (Willie Nelson cover)" (split release with Jimmy Eat World and Sensefield – Crank!, 1997)
  • "&Serenading"/"Love My Way" (Psychedelic Furs cover) (Crank!, 1998)



Non-Album Tracks[edit]

Year Album / Source Label Song(s) Other information
1997 (Don't Forget To) Breathe Crank! Records "Rubber Legs"
1998 The First Crush Compilation Thick as Thieves Records "Sadder Star"

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