Miners Basin, Utah

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Not to be confused with Great Basin.
Miners Basin
Ghost town
Country United States
State Utah
County Grand
Founded 1898
Abandoned 1908
Named for Miners Basin Mining District

Miners Basin or simply Basin is a ghost town in Grand County, Utah, United States. It was inhabited from 1898 to 1908.


Miners Basin was settled among the La Sal Mountains. Copper was discovered in the area in 1888, but a mining town was not established until 1898, when the recently established Miners Basin Mining District constructed a company town for their workers. From 1896-1905, Miners Basin had about 75-80 residents.[1] Businesses included two saloons, a blacksmith shop, a hotel, and a post office.[1][2] Copper production did not last very long; when it stopped, most residents moved to other towns. There were only six or seven families left by 1908.[1] Several buildings and some of the mines remain. Much of the area, nearly 700 acres (280 ha), is on private property.[citation needed] A hiking trail in the La Sal Mountains passes by Miners Basin.[3]

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