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Ming () is a common personal name among Chinese people, Vietnamese people, and Korean people. In pinyin, it is written Míng, in romanized Vietnamese, it is written as Minh, and in Korean it is pronounced Myeong. Directly translated as "enlightenment", the Chinese character is a conjunction of the words sun () and moon (), representing light, and therefore enlightenment. Ming may also refer to:


  • Ming Tsai, a celebrity chef
  • Ming-Na (born 1963), an American actress
  • Yan Pei Ming (born 1960), a Chinese born painter
  • Yao Ming, professional NBA player from China
  • Ho Chi Minh, Vietnamese leader
  • William Robert Ming, American civil rights lawyer
  • The Scottish name Menzies is correctly pronounced /ˈmɪŋɪs/ MING-iss, and a shortened form is "Ming" (because the letter typed 'z' is actually the letter yogh, which is still used in the 27-letter Scottish alphabet; but typewriters throughout the UK only use 26):
    • Robert Menzies (nicknamed "Ming"), an Australian Prime Minister (using the pronunciation "Men-zeez" for his surname)
    • Menzies Campbell (using the pronunciation "MING-iss"), a British politician often called "Ming"
  • Luke 'Ming' Flanagan, an Irish politician, who takes his name from his resemblance to the fictional Ming the Merciless
  • Norman Walsh, nickname for the Rhodesian and Zimbabwean air marshal
  • Ming the Merciless, is a fictional comic book character and archenemy of Flash Gordon

Chinese Emperors[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Ming (typefaces), a common category of typefaces for printing Chinese characters
  • Ming class submarine, a class of diesel-electric submarines built by China
  • Motorola MING, a smartphone released by Motorola
  • Ming library, a C library with dynamic language bindings for creating Adobe Flash (.swf) files
  • Ming-Ming Duckling, a character from Wonder Pets
  • Ming of Harlem, a tiger who lived in a New York apartment
  • Ming (clam), an individual clam, claimed to be the oldest living animal ever discovered
  • Immingham, a town in North East Lincolnshire often known as "Ming" or "Ming-Ming"

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  • Menzies, a Scottish name often shortened to Ming