Minho-Lima Subregion

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Map showing the location of the Minho-Lima subregion

Minho-Lima is a Portuguese NUTS3 subregion, belonging to Norte Region, between the Minho River and Lima River in the northern part of Portugal. It corresponds to the historical region of Alto Minho and is centered around its main city – Viana do Castelo (pop. 41,000). It covers an area of 2,255 km², with a population of 252,011 inhabitants (2006) for a density of 111.8 inhabitants/km². It borders to the north the Galicia autonomous region in Spain and to the south with the Ave Subregion.

It is a subregion with a strong gastronomic identity and produces a specific type of wine called Vinho Verde (young wine).


The 10 municipalities are:

Coordinates: 41°42′N 8°50′W / 41.700°N 8.833°W / 41.700; -8.833