Minhocão (animal)

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Artistic depiction of the minhocão.
Grouping Cryptid
First reported Native Lore
Last reported 1970
Country South America
Region Forests

The minhocão ("big earthworm" in Brazilian Portuguese) is a large earthworm-like cryptid that allegedly exists in the forests of South America.


It reportedly resembles a giant[clarification needed] worm, with scaly black skin and a pair of tentacle-like structures protruding from its head.[citation needed] It is thought to be a burrowing animal, producing enormous trenches as it digs.[citation needed]


Cryptozoologist Karl Shuker has suggested that this animal may be an example of a giant caecilian,[1] which fits the description of the minhocão well. However, known caecilians do not even begin to approach the supposed size of this animal.[clarification needed]. Superficially similar to the caecilians are the Amphisbaenia or worm lizards, which are distributed throughout much of South America, although most known species are less than 150 mm in length. In On the Track of Unknown Animals, Bernard Heuvelmans suggests that the animal may be a surviving glyptodont.

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