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Miniliner F-50.jpg
Founded 1981
Ceased operations 2015
Hubs Orio al Serio Airport
Fleet size 8
Headquarters Bergamo, Italy
Key people Giuseppe Berlusconi (Managing Director)

Miniliner S.r.L., trading as MiniLiner was a cargo airline based in Bergamo, Italy. It operated scheduled and ad hoc cargo services. Its main base is Orio al Serio Airport.[1] Its license was suspended on 31 January 2015.[2]


The airline was established in October 1981 to promote a system of rapid air transport for parcels and other services using small aircraft and airports. It started operations in 1982 when it was the first Italian airline to begin overnight flights. In September 1988 it started operations on behalf of FedEx, UPS and Italian Post. It has 90 employees (at March 2007).[1]

On 31 January 2015, the Italian authorities revoked the company's air operator's certificate due to its financial situation. MiniLiner can therefore no longer operate any flights until further notice.[3]


The MiniLiner fleet includes the following aircraft (as of 9 May 2010):[4]

MiniLiner Fleet
Aircraft Total Orders Capacity
Fokker 27 5 0 6 tons
Fokker 50 3 0 7 tons
Total 8 0


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