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In 2013, the Renault Duster became the third best seller subcompact SUV in the world
Peugeot 2008, a modern subcompact SUV
In 2014, the Renault Captur is the best seller subcompact SUV in Europe
Suzuki Samurai, an older model mini SUV
Jeep Wrangler: American made mini SUV
1998 Chevy Tracker, a Canadian-made mini SUV certified as a light truck
Nissan Juke, a modern mini SUV
Opel Mokka, a modern subcompact SUV

Mini SUV (also called subcompact SUV or subcompact crossover) is a class of small sport utility vehicles with a length under and around 4,200 mm (165.4 in). The term usually comprises any vehicle that is smaller than a compact SUV in North-American standardization, or any 4x4 with a supermini body in international standardization or based on a supermini (B-segment cars in Europe) platform.[1][2][3]

First mini SUVs appeared in the course of 1990s and were off-road vehicles built on body-on-frame chassis, such as the Jeep Wrangler and Suzuki Samurai. Although some of the current models still use this concept, mostly due to their off-road prowess and more manageable size on the trail (for example, a large SUV might not fit in the narrower parts of the trail), modern mini SUVs reside on unibody construction and offer only few off-road capabilities, hence falling into the crossover SUV category. Some are even representative of modern superminis with only a bumper hinge and more ground clearance.

In Japan, as cars under 3,400 mm (133.9 in) in length are classified as kei cars and attract lower taxes; some manufacturers build these cars with off-road looks (such as the Mitsubishi Pajero Mini).




Some small SUVs, or off roaders, that are sometimes retrospectively termed Mini MPV:

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