Minister for International Development Cooperation (Sweden)

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Minister for International Development Cooperation of Sweden
Hillevi Engstrom 1c399 0321.jpg
Hillevi Engström

since 17 October 2013
Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Member of The Government
Appointer The Prime Minister
Term length No fixed term
Serves as long as the Prime Minister sees fit
Formation 4 June 1958
First holder Ulla Lindström
Salary 1,452,000 SEK (annually)

The Minister for International Development Cooperation is the cabinet minister in the Swedish Government responsible for foreign aid and global development. The cabinet minister is, like the rest of the Swedish Government, nominated by the Prime Minister of Sweden and appointed by the Swedish Riksdag. The cabinet minister belongs to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The position was established in 1954 and the first officeholder was Ulla Lindström. Lindström is also the person who has served in this capacity during the longest time, 12 years. The current cabinet minister to hold the office is Hillevi Engström, appointed on 17 September 2013.

List of Ministers[edit]

Name Term Political Party
  Ulla Lindström 1958–1966 Social Democrats
  Gertrud Sigurdsen 1973–1976 Social Democrats
  Ola Ullsten 1976–1978 Liberal People's Party
  Lena Hjelm-Wallén 1985–1991 Social Democrats
  Alf Svensson 1991–1994 Christian Democrats
  Pierre Schori 1994–1999 Social Democrats
  Maj-Inger Klingvall 1999–2001 Social Democrats
  Jan O. Karlsson 2001–2003 Social Democrats
  Carin Jämtin 2003–2006 Social Democrats
  Gunilla Carlsson 2006–2013 Moderate Party
  Hillevi Engström 2013– Moderate Party