Minister for Local Government (New South Wales)

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Minister for Local Government
New South Wales coa.png
Paul Toole

since 23 April 2014
Style The Honourable
Appointer Governor of New South Wales
Inaugural holder John FitzGerald
Formation 15 November 1916

The New South Wales Minister for Local Government has responsibilities which includes all Local Government areas and related legislation in NSW.

The current Minister for Local Government is Paul Toole. He administers his portfolio through the New South Wales Division of Local Government as well as through various other Commissions and Tribunals.

List of Ministers[edit]

Minister Party affiliation Period Ministerial title
John FitzGerald Nationalist 1916–1920 Minister for Local Government
Thomas Mutch Labor 1920–1921
George Cann 1921
John Fitzpatrick Nationalist 1921
George Cann Labor 1921–1922
John Fitzpatrick Nationalist 1922–1925
George Cann Labor 1925–1926
Joseph Fitzgerald 1926–1927
Tom Keegan 1927
Michael Bruxner Country 1927–1930
William McKell Labor 1930–1931
James McGirr 1931–1932
Michael Bruxner Country 1932
Joseph Jackson United Australia 1932–1933
Eric Spooner 1933–1939
Bertram Stevens 1939
Alexander Mair 1939
Lewis Martin 1939–1941
James McGirr Labor 1941–1944 Minister for Local Government and Housing
Joseph Cahill 1944–1953 Minister for Local Government
Jack Renshaw 1953–1959
Pat Hills 1959–1965
Pat Morton Liberal 1965–1972
Charles Cutler Country 1972–1975
Col Fisher Liberal 1975–1976
Tom Lewis 1976
Harry Jensen Labor 1976–1981
Lin Gordon 1981–1984
Kevin Stewart 1984–1986
Peter Anderson 1986
Janice Crosio 1986–1988
David Hay Liberal 1988–1991
Gerry Peacocke Country 1991–1993
Garry West 1993–1994 Minister for Local Government and Co-operatives
Ted Pickering Liberal 1994–1995
Ernie Page Labor 1995–1999 Minister for Local Government
Harry Woods 1999–2003
Tony Kelly 2003–2005
Kerry Hickey 2005–2007
Paul Lynch 2007–2008
Barbara Perry 2008–2011
Don Page National 2011–2014
Paul Toole 2014-present


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