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The Minister of State of Greece (Greek: Υπουργός Επικρατείας) is a Greek minister. The ministry was created on 10 March 2004 from the Ministry of the Press and the Media (Greece).

The current minister is former New Democracy MP Dimitris Stamatis.


The ministry has its origins in the Department of Press and Tourism formed on 29 August 1936. Until 1974, the Department functioned in various organisational forms, such as General Directorate of Press and Information, the Department of Press and Information, the Ministry of Press and Information, either as a self-contained department, or under the Office of the Prime Minister, sometimes as part of the government presidency, and other times under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

From 1974 to 1994, it functioned as the Secretariat General of Press and Information under the Ministry of the Presidency. In 1994, under Presidential Decree 181, it was consolidated as the Ministry of Press and Mass Media.

In 2004, the Ministry of Press and Mass Media was dissolved and two General Secretariats under the Prime Minister were established: The Secretariat General of Communication and the Secretariat General of Information, which incorporated the functions of the defunct ministry.

On 26 May 2004, the prime minister placed the two secretariats under the aegis of the Minister of State.[1]

List of Ministers of State[edit]

Name Took Office Left Office Party
Theodoros Roussopoulos 10 March 2004 24 October 2008 New Democracy
Prokopis Pavlopoulos 24 October 2008 6 October 2009 New Democracy
Haris Pamboukis 7 October 2009 17 June 2011 Panhellenic Socialist Movement
Elias Mossialos 17 June 2011 11 November 2011 Panhellenic Socialist Movement
Georgios Stavropoulos 11 November 2011 17 May 2012 Independent
Pantelis Kapsis 2 December 2011 17 May 2012 Independent
Antonios Argyros 17 May 2012 21 June 2012 Independent
Dimitris Stamatis 21 June 2012 Incumbent New Democracy


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