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The Minister of State for Trade is an executive position in the Government of the United Kingdom, in both the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. The post is responsible for the activities of UK Trade & Investment (UKTI).

Although only a junior Minister of State position, it is considered to be one of the most important jobs outside Cabinet rank. When Douglas Alexander became Minister of State for Trade in September 2004, he was given a special provision to attend the Cabinet meetings.

Ministers of State for Trade[edit]

Name Portrait Entered office Left office Political party Notes
Cecil Parkinson May 1979 September 1981 Conservative
Peter Rees September 1981 June 1983 Conservative
Paul Channon June 1983 24 January 1986 Conservative
Alan Clark 24 January 1986 1989 Conservative
David Trefgarne 1989 1990 Conservative
Tim Sainsbury 1990 1992 Conservative
Richard Needham 1992 1995 Conservative
Anthony Nelson 1995 2 May 1997 Conservative
2 May 1997 28 July 1998 Labour
Brian Wilson 28 July 1998 28 July 1999 Labour
Richard Caborn 28 July 1999 11 June 2001 Labour
Symons of Vernham Dean
11 June 2001 13 June 2003 Labour
Mike O'Brien 13 June 2003 9 September 2004 Labour
Douglas Alexander Douglas Alexander at the India Economic Summit 2008.jpg 9 September 2004 11 May 2005 Labour
Ian Pearson Ianperason.jpg 11 May 2005 8 May 2006 Labour
Ian McCartney 8 May 2006 28 June 2007 Labour Attended Cabinet
Lord Jones
of Birmingham
29 June 2007 3 October 2008 Independent Took the Labour whip in the House of Lords, but never joined the party.
Gareth Thomas Gareth Thomas (English politician).jpg 3 October 2008 5 June 2009 Labour Thomas apparently continued as a Trade Minister after the appointment of Lord Davies. BERR described him simply as 'Minister for Trade' rather than 'Minister for Trade and Investment' as he was prior to Davies' appointment.[1]
Lord Davies of Abersoch 14 January 2009 11 May 2010 Labour as 'Minister for Trade, Investment and Business'[1]
Mark Prisk 11 May 2010 11 January 2011 Conservative Styled as 'Minister of State for Business and Enterprise'. Handled UK Trade & Investment until Lord Green entered the government
Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint 11 January 2011 Conservative as 'Minister of State for Trade and Investment'
Lord Livingston 11 December 2013 Conservative [2]


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