Ministry of Communications and High Technologies (Azerbaijan)

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Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Аzərbаycаn Rеspubliкаsının Rabitə və Yüksək Texnologiyaları Nаzirliyi
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Coat of Arms of Azerbaijan
Azərbaycan Respublikası Rabitə və Yüksək Texnologiyalar Nazirliyinin loqosu.jpg
Agency overview
Formed February 24, 2004
Preceding agencies Ministry of Communications (1991)
Communication Ministry of Azerbaijan SSR (1953)
Mail and Telegraph Commissariat (1920)
Transportation, Postal Service and Telegraph (May 28, 1918)
Headquarters Zarifa Aliyeva str. 33, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic AZ1000
Agency executives Ali Abbasov, Minister of Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Iltimas Mammadov, Deputy Minister
Elmir Velizadeh, Deputy Minister

The Ministry of Communications and High Technologies (Azerbaijani: Аzərbаycаn Rеspubliкаsının Rabitə və Informasiya Texnologiyaları Nаzirliyi) is an Azerbaijani governmental agency within the Cabinet of Azerbaijan in charge of regulation of the communications sector and development of information technologies in the country. The ministry is headed by Dr.Ali Abbasov.[1]


The first Ministry of Transportation, Postal Service and Telegraph of the country was established on May 28, 1918 with declaration of independence of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR).[2] The first minister was Khudadat bey Malik-Aslanov. When the second cabinet of ADR convened, the government conducted administrative reforms and split the ministry into Ministry of Transportation and the new Ministry of Postal Service and Telegraph. While Malik-Aslanov remained Minister of Transportation, Agha Ashurov was put in charge to lead the Ministry of Postal Service and Telegraph on October 6, 1918.[3][4] In three successive governments, Aslan bey Safikurdski, Jamo bey Hajinski and J. Ildyrym served as ministers of Postal Service and Telegraph. After establishment of Soviet rule in Azerbaijan on April 28, 1920 the ministry was transformed into Mail and Telegraph Commissariat. From the time of its inception by Soviet authorities, the communications sector was directly managed by permanent representatives of Ministry of Communications of USSR in Azerbaijan up until 1953. After restoration of independence of Azerbaijan in 1991, the Ministry of Communications was re-established.

On February 24, 2004 as per the Presidential Decree of Ilham Aliyev the Ministry of Communications was transformed into a bigger Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies.[2]


The ministry is headed by the minister with two deputy ministers and one head of administration. Main functions of the ministry are formulation and implementation of single state policy in the field of communication and information technologies; regulation of activities in the field of communications and information technologies; encouraging creation of new forms of social and economic activity through massive utilization of information technologies, creation of information markets; control over utilization of the radiofrequency spectrum and maintenance of aboveground satellite communication facilities; implementation of necessary measures for meeting the demands of state bodies, municipalities, physical and juridical entities for the communication and information technologies services. Maintaining and regulating Azərpoçt mail and telegraph, phone communications, radio and television broadcasting, information technologies are within the duties of the ministry.[2]

Internet is remains uncensored and free in Azerbaijan despite the government's criticism of the political opposition.[5]

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