Ministry of Culture (Bulgaria)

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Ministry of Culture
Established 1954; 1990; 1993
Current Minister Vezhdi Rashidov (2009)

The Ministry of Culture (Bulgarian: Министерство на културата, Ministerstvo na kulturata) of Bulgaria is the ministry charged with overseeing and stimulating the cultural work in the country and preserving its cultural heritage. It first existed as a separate institution in 1954-1957, previously being part of the Ministry of Enlightenment and then active under various names until promoted back to a ministry in 1990 (but once again briefly united with the Ministry of Education and Science in 1993).

Since August 2005 to 27 July 2009, Minister of Culture is noted actor Stefan Danailov of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, with Deputy Ministers Ivan Tokadzhiev, Ina Kileva and Nadezhda Zaharieva-Damyanova.

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