Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Burma)

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

နိုင်ငံခြားရေး ဝန်ကြီးဌာန
Ministry of Foreign Affairs seal.png
Seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Government of Myanmar
Headquarters Naypyidaw
Minister responsible Wunna Maung Lwin
Deputy Ministers responsible Thant Kyaw
Tin Oo Lwin

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Burmese: နိုင်ငံခြားရေးဝန်ကြီးဌာန, [nàɪɴŋàɴdʑájé wʊ̀ɴdʑí tʰàna̰], 'MOFA') is a ministry in the Burmese government responsible for the country's foreign policy and relations with other nations. It also operates embassies and consulates in 29 countries.[1] It was headed by foreign affairs minister Nyan Win, who replaced Win Aung in September 2004 after a cabinet reshuffle.[2]

List of heads[edit]


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