Ministry of Human Resources (Malaysia)

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Ministry of Human Resources
Kementerian Sumber Manusia
The Federal Government of Malaysia
Minister Richard Riot Jaem
Deputy Minister Ismail Muttalib
Secretary General Zainal Rahim Seman
Established date 31 August 1957
Key agencies
  • Malaysian Manpower Department
  • Skills Development Fund Corporation
  • Social Security Organisation
  • Department of Labour
Location Putrajaya

The Ministry of Human Resources, is a federal government ministry that is responsible for determining the workforce policies and direction of the labour force in line with Malaysia's commitment towards the United Nations'.


To be the leading agency in the development and management of a world class workforce.


  • To grow and increase a workforce that is productive, informative, discipline, caring and responsive to the changing labor environment towards increasing the economic growth and hence create more job opportunities.
  • To encourage and maintain conducive and harmonized industrial relationships between employers, employees and trade unions for the nation's economic development and wellness of people.
  • To uphold social justice and ensure harmonious industrial relations through solving industrial dispute between employer and employee and awarding collective agreement.
  • To ensure trade unions practice democracy in an orderly manner and is responsible to assist achieving the objective of industrial harmony.
  • To be the leader in development of nation's human resources.
  • To ensure safety and health of workforce is assured.
  • To develop skilled, knowledgeable and competitive workforce in a harmonious industrial relations with social justice.