Ministry of People's Security (North Korea)

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Ministry of People's Security
인민 보안부
Agency overview
Jurisdiction First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea
Headquarters Pyongyang, North Korea
39°4′49″N 125°46′3″E / 39.08028°N 125.76750°E / 39.08028; 125.76750Coordinates: 39°4′49″N 125°46′3″E / 39.08028°N 125.76750°E / 39.08028; 125.76750
Minister responsible Choi Bu Il
Child agency Korean People's Internal Security Forces, Railway Security Bureau, Kim Jong-Il People's Security University

The Ministry of People’s Security (Korean: 인민 보안부 Inmin Boanbu) is a law enforcement agency in North Korea.[1] It operates under the umbrella of the National Defence Commission. Beyond policing, its services include operating the prison system in North Korea and providing bodyguards to important persons.[2]


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