Ministry of Railways (Pakistan)

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Ministry of Railways
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Ministries of the Government of Pakistan
Agency overview
Formed August 14, 1947
Type Railway transportation ministry
Minister responsible Khawaja Saad Rafique

The Ministry of Railway (Urdu: وزارث ريلوے; reporting name: MoR) is a Cabinet-level ministry of Government of Pakistan, tasked and primarily responsible for planning, administrating, and establishing the passengers locomotive services, regulating the railway companies, industries and associated organization. Overall, the control of Pakistan Railways (PR), policy and development of railway network are also managed and administrated by Ministry of Railway.

The MoR is headquartered in Cabinet secretariat and its minister is required to be a member of Parliament. Currently, the MoR is governed by Railway minister, Khawaja Saad Rafique, and also consists of a bureaucratic officer— a railway secretary. The MoR's current bureaucratic officer and secretary as well is Muhammad Arif Azim who is also tenuring as the Chairman of Pakistan Railways (PR). Historically, the MoR is the oldest and one of first ministry established by the Government of Pakistan in 1947, and a primary ministry which manages all rail network, design bureaus, and engineering services since 1947. The MoR is well established in entire country consisting of numbers of railway junctions and stations in rural, insular, and urban areas of Pakistan, and takes operational planning in international railway management and establishment. The MoR has four major directorates: Administrative Directorate; Technical Directorate; Planning Directorate; Finance Directorate; all of these directorates are coordinated, managed, and reported to the MoR and its designated minister.


The Railway Board (RB) is the highest governing body for technical matters of the Railways and MoR, which stands merged with the Division.

The highest form of bureaucrats in the railways consisted the government appoint bureaucrat who is the Chairman of Pakistan Railways. The following list includes the officers and government appoint bureaucrats reporting directly to the Secretary Railways:

  1. General Manager of Railway Operations (GM Operations)
  2. General Manager of the Manufacture and Railway Services (GM of Manufacture)
  3. Government Inspector of Railways (GIR)
  4. Director of the Railways Marketing (DRM)
  5. Director-General of Vigilance Department (DG Vigilance)

Functions of the Railway Division[edit]

  • All matters pertaining to Pakistan Railways.
  • Movement and priority in respect of Defence traffic.
  • Maintenance of Railway lines for strategic reasons.
  • Negotiations with International Organizations and other Countries and implementation of agreements, with them.
  • Coordination of Development Projects of Railways as a part of the National Development Programme.
  • Standardization and specifications of materials and stores.
  • Overall efficiency and safety of Railways.
  • Coordination of Rail movements into and from Ports.

The Ministers[edit]

  • Chairman for Railways: Najib Khawer Awan
  • Federal Minister for Railways: Khawaja Saad Rafique
  • State Minister for Railways: Abdul Hakim Baloch

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