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The Ministry of Steel, a branch of Government of India, is the apex body[clarification needed] for formulating all policies regarding steel production, distribution and pricing in India. As of June 2014, the ministry is headed by a minister of Cabinet rank, Narendra Singh Tomar and is assisted by a Minister of State, Santosh Kumar Gangwar

Functions of the Ministry[edit]

  • Coordination of data from various sources for the growth of the iron and steel industry
  • Formulation of policies in respect of production, pricing, distribution, import and export of iron & steel and ferro alloys
  • Planning and development of and assistance to the entire iron and steel industry in the country
  • Development of the input industries relating to iron ore, manganese ore, refractories and others required by the steel industry

Attached/Subordinate Offices and Institutes[edit]

Public Sector Undertakings[edit]

Cabinet Ministers[edit]

Ministers of state (independent charge)[edit]