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George Hegerman is a fictional pool hustler, better known by the nickname "Minnesota Fats", and featured as a prominent character in Walter Tevis's novels The Hustler and The Color of Money. Actor Jackie Gleason played this part in the 1961 film version of The Hustler, based upon the novel. Gleason was nominated for an Academy Award[1] and a Golden Globe Award[2] for Best Supporting Actor, and was honored as Best Supporting Actor by the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures.[3] The Minnesota Fats character did not appear in the 1986 film version of The Color of Money, which had an entirely different storyline from the novel.

Real-life professional pool player and entertainer Rudolf Wanderone was known as "New York Fats" (among other nicknames) when the book was published.[4] Realizing that there was money to be made from being associated with the success of the book and subsequent film, he changed his nickname to match the fiction,[4] and later went on to play himself under the name "Minnesota Fats" in the 1971 film The Player.[5] While Wanderone claimed that the author had based the character upon himself,[4] and his second wife claimed that a financial settlement had been made by Tevis to avoid a lawsuit[4] (a claim denied by his first wife),[4] Tevis consistently denied that Wanderone had anything to do with the author's character.[4]

There is also a character by the name of Fats Brown (James Howard Brown) based on Minnesota Fats in the Twilight Zone episode "A Game of Pool", played by Jonathan Winters.[6]


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