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Minnesota March is a march for wind band written by John Philip Sousa for the University of Minnesota. It is now used as one of the university's school songs, with lyrics written by university band director Michael Jalma. The piece is regularly performed by the Minnesota Marching Band, both on the field and off.


March on, march on to victory!
Loyal sons of the varsity.
Fight on, fight on for Minnesota
For the glory of the old maroon and gold.
March on, march on to win the game,
DOWN THE FIELD! Fighting every play.
We're with you, team, fighting team,
Hear our song, we cheer along
To help you win a victory!

Note: The line, "Down the field," is replaced with "Down the court!" when sung at basketball and volleyball events, and "Down the ice!" when sung at hockey events.

The "SKI" in "SKI-U-MAH" is pronounced "sky".


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