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Kevin Garnett was drafted fifth overall by the Minnesota Timberwolves in 1995.

The Minnesota Timberwolves first participated in the National Basketball Association (NBA) Draft on June 27, 1989, about five months before their inaugural NBA season. The Timberwolves are currently the second NBA team to be based in Minneapolis, Minnesota since the Minneapolis Lakers were there from 1948 to 1960.

Before each draft, an NBA Draft Lottery determines the first round selection order for the teams that did not make the playoffs during the prior season.[1] Teams can also trade their picks, which means that a team could have more than or less than two picks in one draft. As a result of the various trades, the Minnesota Timberwolves had four draft picks in 1992 and 2006. The Timberwolves drafted Pooh Richardson with their first ever draft pick, tenth overall, in the 1989 NBA Draft. In 1995, the Timberwolves picked Kevin Garnett fifth overall, who went on to be a 13-time All-Star.[2] In 1996, the Timberwolves drafted Ray Allen fifth overall but was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks with a future first-round pick for the draft rights of Stephon Marbury.[3] In the 2008 NBA Draft, the Timberwolves drafted O. J. Mayo third overall but was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies along with three other players from the Timberwolves for the draft rights to Kevin Love along with three other players from the Grizzlies.[4]


Ray Allen was drafted fifth overall in 1996 but was later traded
Abbreviation Meaning
Pos Position
G Guard
PG Point guard
SG Shooting guard
F Forward
SF Small forward
PF Power forward
C Center


Draft Round Pick Player Nationality Pos College/High School/Club
1989 1 10 Richardson, PoohPooh Richardson  United States G UCLA
1989 2 34 Leonard, GaryGary Leonard (from Milwaukee)[a]  United States C Missouri
1989 2 38 West, DougDoug West  United States SG/SF Villanova
1990 1 6 Spencer, FeltonFelton Spencer  United States C Louisville
1990 1 20 Glass, GeraldGerald Glass (from Philadelphia)[b]  United States SG/SF Mississippi
1991 1 7 Longley, LucLuc Longley  Australia C New Mexico
1991 2 34 Brown, MyronMyron Brown  United States G Slippery Rock
1992 1 3 Laettner, ChristianChristian Laettner  United States PF/C Duke
1992 2 28 Maxey, MarlonMarlon Maxey  United States F UTEP
1992 2 34 Smith, ChrisChris Smith (from Milwaukee)[c]  United States G Connecticut
1992 2 51 Burroughs, TimTim Burroughs (from Utah)[d]  United States PF Jacksonville
1993 1 5 Rider, IsaiahIsaiah Rider  United States SG/SF UNLV
1993 2 29 Mills, SherronSherron Mills (from Detroit)[e]  United States F Virginia Commonwealth
1994 1 4 Marshall, DonyellDonyell Marshall  United States F Connecticut
1994 2 30 Eisley, HowardHoward Eisley  United States G Boston College
1995 1 5 Garnett, KevinKevin Garnett  United States PF/C Farragut Academy (HS)
1995 2 48 Davis, MarkMark Davis  United States SG/SF Texas Tech
1995 2 49 Allen, JeromeJerome Allen  United States G Pennsylvania
1996 1 5 Allen, RayRay Allen (traded to Milwaukee)[f]  United States G Connecticut
1997 1 20 Grant, PaulPaul Grant (from Portland)[g]  United States C Wisconsin
1997 2 43 Malone, GordonGordon Malone  United States PF West Virginia
1998 1 17 Nesterovič, RashoRasho Nesterovič  Slovenia C Kinder Bologna (Italy)
1998 2 46 Patterson, AndraeAndrae Patterson  United States F Indiana
1999 1 6 Szczerbiak, WallyWally Szczerbiak (from New Jersey)[h]  United States F Miami (OH)
1999 1 14 Avery, WilliamWilliam Avery  United States G Duke
1999 2 42 Bullock, LouisLouis Bullock  United States SG Michigan
2000 2 51 Rakočević, IgorIgor Rakočević  Yugoslavia
(now  Serbia)
G Red Star Belgrade (Yugoslavia)
2001 2 45 Woods, LorenLoren Woods  United States F/C Arizona
2002 2 51 Taylor, MarcusMarcus Taylor  United States PG Michigan State
2003 1 26 Ebi, NdudiNdudi Ebi  United Kingdom SF Westbury Christian (HS)
2003 2 55 Rickert, RickRick Rickert  United States PF Minnesota
2004 2 58 Stepp, BlakeBlake Stepp  United States PG Gonzaga
2005 1 14 McCants, RashadRashad McCants  United States G North Carolina
2005 2 34 Wright, BraceyBracey Wright  United States G Indiana
2006 1 6 Roy, BrandonBrandon Roy (traded to Portland)[i]  United States G Washington
2006 2 36 Smith, CraigCraig Smith  United States F Boston College
2006 2 37 Jones, BobbyBobby Jones (traded to Philadelphia)[j]  United States F Washington
2006 2 57 Mavrokefalidis, LoukasLoukas Mavrokefalidis (from Phoenix)[k]  Greece F/C PAOK (Greece)
2007 1 7 Brewer, CoreyCorey Brewer  United States G Florida
2007 2 41 Richard, ChrisChris Richard (from Philadelphia)[j]  United States F Florida
2008 1 3 Mayo, O. J.O. J. Mayo (traded to Memphis)[l]  United States SG USC
2008 2 31 Peković, NikolaNikola Peković (from Miami via Boston)[m]  Montenegro C KK Partizan (Serbia and Adriatic League)
2008 2 34 Chalmers, MarioMario Chalmers (traded to Miami)[n]  United States PG Kansas
2009 1 5 Rubio, RickyRicky Rubio (from Washington)[o]  Spain PG DKV Joventut (Spain)
2009 1 6 Flynn, JonnyJonny Flynn  United States PG Syracuse
2009 1 18 Lawson, TyTy Lawson (from Miami) (traded to Denver)[p]  United States PG North Carolina
2009 1 28 Ellington, WayneWayne Ellington (from Boston)  United States SG North Carolina
2009 2 45 Calathes, NickNick Calathes (from Philadelphia via Miami)[q]  United States PG Florida
2009 2 47 Norel, HenkHenk Norel (from Miami)[r]  Netherlands PF DKV Joventut (Spain)
2010 1 4 Johnson, WesleyWesley Johnson  United States SF Syracuse
2010 1 30 Hayward, LazarLazar Hayward  United States SF Marquette
2011 1 2 Williams, DerrickDerrick Williams  United States SF Arizona
2012 2 58 Hummel, RobbieRobbie Hummel (from Oklahoma City)[s]  United States PF Purdue


  • a The Minnesota Timberwolves acquired a second-round draft pick (Gary Leonard) from the Milwaukee Bucks for agreeing to select Mark Davis in the 1989 NBA Expansion Draft.[5]
  • b The Minnesota Timberwolves trade Rick Mahorn to the Philadelphia 76ers for a 1990 first-round (Gerald Glass) and a second-round draft pick, a 1991 second-round draft pick and a conditional 1992 second-round draft pick.[5]
  • c The Minnesota Timberwolves traded Brad Lohaus to the Milwaukee Bucks for Randy Breuer and a conditional one-time exchange of a second-round draft pick in 1992 (Chris Smith).[5]
  • d The Minnesota Timberwolves traded Tyrone Corbin to the Utah Jazz for Thurl Bailey and a 1992 second-round draft pick (Tim Burroughs).[5]
  • e The Minnesota Timberwolves traded Gerald Glass and Mark Randall to the Detroit Pistons for Lance Blanks, Brad Sellers and a future second-round draft pick (Sherron Mills).[5]
  • f The Milwaukee Bucks traded the draft rights of Stephon Marbury to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Ray Allen and a future first-round pick.[3]
  • g The Minnesota Timberwolves traded Isaiah Rider to the Portland Trail Blazers for James Robinson, Bill Curley and a first-round draft pick in 1997 or 1998 (became the 20th pick in the 1997 draft on June 23, 1997) (Paul Grant).[5]
  • h The Minnesota Timberwolves traded Stephon Marbury, Chris Carr and Bill Curley to the New Jersey Nets and Paul Grant to the Milwaukee Bucks in a three-team deal. The Minnesota Timberwolves acquired Terrell Brandon from the Milwaukee Bucks, and Brian Evans and future considerations from the Nets (turned out to be first-round draft pickin 1999 NBA Draft) (Wally Szczcerbiak).[5]
  • i The Minnesota Timberwolves acquired the draft rights to Randy Foye from the Portland Trail Blazers for the draft rights to Brandon Roy.[6]
  • j 1 2 The Philadelphia 76ers acquired the draft rights to Bobby Jones from the Minnesota Timberwolves for a future second-round pick (Chris Richard) and cash considerations.[6]
  • k The Phoenix Suns acquired Nikoloz Tskitishvili from the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for a 2006 second-round draft pick (Loukas Mavrokefalidis).[7]
  • l The Memphis Grizzlies acquired the draft rights to O. J. Mayo along with Marko Jarić, Antoine Walker, and Greg Buckner from the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for the draft rights to Kevin Love along with Mike Miller, Brian Cardinal, and Jason Collins.[4]
  • m The Minnesota Timberwolves received a second-round draft pick (Nikola Peković) from the Miami Heat in a trade involving Antoine Walker via the Boston Celtics in a trade involving Ricky Davis.[8][9]
  • n The Miami Heat acquired the draft rights to Mario Chalmers from the Minnesota Timberwolves in exchange for two future second-round picks and cash considerations.[4]
  • s On December 13, 2011, the Minnesota Timberwolves acquired Robert Vaden, a 2012 second-round draft pick (the 58th pick) and a future conditional second-round draft pick from the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Lazar Hayward.[10]


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