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Minori (みのり?) is a Japanese visual novel company (previously the software division of CoMixWave until April 2007). Their most successful game is Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two., which has had a manga and TV animation series based on it, and was ported to the PlayStation 2 in April 2010. They use Musica as their main engine. Several of their games' opening movies are animated by Makoto Shinkai.[citation needed] In 2010, Minori, MangaGamer, and a fan translation group "No Name Losers", announced a partnership to make commercial English versions of Minori's games available.[1][2][3][4] Minori is known for its stance against fan-translations and piracy and has garnered some infamy for its actions against No Name Losers and TLWiki, due to the controversy regarding the video game Rapelay.[2][5][6] As a result, its main webpage is blocked for people outside Japan.[7][8]

Published games[edit]

Core staff[edit]

  • Nobukazu Sakai, aka nbkz (Producer, Director, Song Lyricist, Concept Planner)[9]
  • Makoto Shinkai (Animation Movie Director, not attached to the company)
  • Mikage (Director, Planner, and Scenario Writer)
  • Yū Kagami (Scenario Writer)
  • Tenmon (Music Composer)
  • Tatsuya Yūki (Character Designer, Line Producer)
  • Mitsuishi Shōna (Character Designer)
  • Kimchee (Character Designer/core member of Haru no Ashioto, not attached to the company)
  • 2C Galore (Character Designer/core member of Ef, not attached to the company)
  • Naru Nanao (Character Designer/core member of Ef, not attached to the company)


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