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Minories stationLBR.jpg
Minories railway station, circa 1840
Minories is located in Central London
Location of Minories in Central London
Place Minories
Local authority City of London
Opened by Commercial Railway
Key dates Opened 6 July 1840
Temporarily closed 1849
Closed 24 October 1853
Replaced by Fenchurch Street
Portal icon London Transport portal
Portal icon UK Railways portalCoordinates: 51°30′39″N 0°04′30″W / 51.5108°N 0.0749°W / 51.5108; -0.0749

Minories was the western terminus of the London and Blackwall Railway, located on the east side of Minories, near Tower Hill, in central London.

It opened on 6 July 1840 as the City terminus for the London and Blackwall Railway (then known as the Commercial Railway). Minories was soon supplemented by a new station several hundred yards west, named Fenchurch Street, designed by William Tite. This station opened in 1841, although Minories functioned as an alternative terminus until 1853,[1] when it was closed to make way for the expansion Fenchurch Street station (which was completed the following year).

The station site was later converted into goods sidings, and the station shell was used as a goods depot, being renamed Royal Mint Street Depot. The depot remained open until April 1951; demolition came shortly after. In 1987, when the Docklands Light Railway opened, its western terminus at Tower Gateway opened on the site of the old Minories station.


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