Minority (Gigi Gryce song)

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Song by Clifford Brown in Paris Sessions
Written 1953
Composer Gigi Gryce
Lyricist Ben Sidran added original lyrics in 1980
Recorded by Clifford Brown 1953
Cannonball Adderley, 1958
Gigi Gryce 1960
Pat Martino 1968
Bill Evans 1968
Ben Sidran 1980
Henri Texier 1991
Bud Shank/Phil Woods 1995

Minority is a 16-bar jazz standard in a minor key[1] by Gigi Gryce, first recorded with Clifford Brown in Paris on October 8, 1953.[2] Gryce recorded it again with Art Blakey, and again on his The Hap'nin's album for Prestige (May 3, 1960).[3] It is one of the 500 songs in the 6th Edition Real Book where it appears on page 273[4] and has been recorded over 40 times by many of the big names in Jazz.[3]

Selected recordings[edit]


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