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Minority Front
Leader Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi [1]
Slogan Your Choice and Voice All the Way
Founded 1 November 1993 (1993-11-01)
Preceded by National People's Party
Headquarters 347 Florence Nightingale Drive , Westcliff , Chatsworth, Durban
Ideology Interests of minorities
National Assembly seats
1 / 400
KZN Legislature seats
2 / 80
Politics of South Africa
Political parties

The Minority Front is a political party in South Africa. Though the party represents all minorities of South Africa, its support comes mainly from South Africa's Indian community. Its largest base of political strength is in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, especially the city of Durban which is the cultural and demographic centre of South Africa's Indian community. It was led by the charismatic Amichand Rajbansi until his death in December 2011.

It was formed as a successor to the National People's Party, which was an important party led by Rajbansi in the Indian-only House of Delegates in the Tricameral Parliament.[3]

After his death, Rajbansi's widow, Shameen Thakur-Rajbansi, was appointed as leader in January 2012.[4] A leadership and family battle erupted when an attempt was made to replace Thakur-Rajbansi as leader, with Amichand Rajbansi's son, Vimal, and first wife, Asha Devi Rajbansi, asking her to step down, and a breakaway conference (not recognized by the IEC) elected Roy Bhoola, who Thakur-Rajbansi had attempted to remove from public office.,[5][6] Thakur-Rajbansi was declared the undisputed leader in December 2013 after parties settled their disputes in a confidential agreement [7]

Election results[edit]

National elections[edit]

Election Votes % Seats
2009 43,474 0.25 1
2004 55,267 0.35 2
1999 48,277 0.30 1
1994 13,433 0.07 0

Municipal elections[edit]

Election Votes %
2011 113,195 0.4%
2006 84,785 0.3%
2000 0.3%


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