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This article is about the chocolate. For the cultivar of the mint plant, see Mentha × piperita.
Mint chocolate
Alternative names Chocolate mint
Type Chocolate
Main ingredients Chocolate, mint flavoring
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Mint chocolate (or chocolate mint) is a popular variety of flavored chocolate, made by adding a mint flavoring, such as peppermint, spearmint, or crème de menthe, to plain chocolate. Mint chocolate can be found in a wide variety of edible products, such as candy, mints, cookies, mint chocolate chip ice cream, the beverage hot chocolate, and others. In addition it is marketed in a non-edible form as a beauty product.

Banana bread (loaf) and mint chocolate muffin (Philippines).

Depending widely on the ingredients and the process used, mint chocolate can give off a very distinctive mint fragrance. The chocolate component can be milk chocolate, regular dark chocolate, or white chocolate; due to this, mint chocolate has no one specific flavor and so, each chocolate-plus-flavor combination can be unique.

The US National Confectioners Association lists February 19 as "Chocolate Mint Day".[1]


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