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The Minto Group
Type Private
Founded 1955
Headquarters Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Key people Roger Greenberg (Minto), Chairman and CEO

The Minto Group is a Canadian real estate corporation which develops real estate in Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Florida, USA. Minto is the largest developer in Ottawa[citation needed] and has many towers such as Minto Place Suite Hotel and the Minto Metropole, the second tallest building in Ottawa.

On January 8, 2011, it was announced that the Minto Group had purchased the Cherryhill Village complex in London, Ontario from the Esam group. The Cherryhill Village complex includes 13 apartment buildings containing 2,300 apartments and the Cherryhill Village shopping mall. The purchase price is believed to be $200 million - reported as one of the largest commercial deals in London business history.[citation needed] The Cherryhill Village apartments is well known in London as serving primarily senior citizens and secondarily for students.[citation needed]

In 1967 Minto built the first high-rise condominium development in Canada, called Horizon House, and located in Nepean, Ontario; occurring a year after the first townhouse condominium was built in Edmonton by a different developer.[1]


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