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Minttu 40%
Minttu Black 35%

Minttu liqueur a clear peppermint liqueur produced in Turku by Pernod Ricard Finland (previously owned by Vin & Sprit). Its clear colour is due to a special type of sugar.

Minttu has a strong, crisp taste and scent of peppermint. The taste is quite similar to Crème de menthe, but appearance is more like vodka.

The Minttu range consists of Minttu Peppermint 40% and 50% alcohol by volume, and Minttu Black Mint 35% alc. Minttu Black Mint is peppermint liqueur spiced with salmiac.

Most common ways to enjoy Minttu are to drink it as an ice cold shot or on the rocks. In Finland, it is often consumed together with either hot or cold chocolate.