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Minuteman Salsa was a brand of salsa made in the United States. The brand was founded by Ryan Lambert, along with four associates during the summer of 2006 in reference to the illegal immigration debate.

According to the company's Web site, Minuteman Salsa was America's only 100% United States-made salsa. The company boasted of its "Americanness" as its main selling point, claiming the salsa was made in America using "American ingredients". The company's now defunct Web site criticized "Big Salsa" for owning factories outside the United States.

Minuteman Salsa and founder Ryan Lambert were awarded a "Bum Steer" award by the Texas politics and culture magazine Texas Monthly in the January 2007 issue. The salsa and its founder appeared in numerous newspapers (including the El Paso Times, Fort Worth Star-Telegram) and radio talk shows discussing the product.

Minuteman Salsa donated a portion of its profits to the Minuteman Project, a group of American citizens whose goal is to deter illegal crossings of the Mexico–United States border.

The salsa's slogan was "Deport Bad Taste."

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