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Mir or MIR may refer to:

In Soviet or Russian contexts[edit]

Mir is a Russian homonym – a word with multiple meanings but the same spelling. Before the Russian spelling reform of 1918, the two homonyms for mir were spelled differently and used different letters in place of the [i] vowel (миръ vs мiръ). In traditional Russian (village) culture the term applied to a whole (local) community, e.g., when villagers united their efforts for a common task, such as building a church building or clearing a field.

In modern Russian, мир (mir) means both peace and world. This word has been a popular means of designation for various objects, most notably vehicles, some of them nearly unique in design and function.

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  • Mir (band), a Canadian music group
  • Mir, the stage name for Bang Chul-yong, member of South Korean boy band MBLAQ

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