Mirabello Bay

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Mirabello Bay

Mirabello Bay is an embayment of the Sea of Crete on the eastern part of Crete in present day Greece. This locale was important in prehistoric settlement of the island of Crete.

In ancient times[edit]

The coast of the Bay of Mirabello was noted for its role in copper metallurgy development in the period circa 3000 BC.[1] In the Late Minoan period, cities on high ground overlooking the Bay of Mirabello were founded as cities of refuge, including Karphi.[2] Later in the Dorian Invasion, settlement occurred of other hilltop cities overlooking the Bay of Mirabello; an example of this phase of settlement was the city of Lato.[3]

Island of Pseira in Mirabello Bay

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Coordinates: 35°10′29″N 25°47′09″E / 35.1747°N 25.7858°E / 35.1747; 25.7858