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Miracema's location in Rio de Janeiro state.

Miracema is a municipality located in the Rio de Janeiro state's northwestern region, bordering Minas Gerais state, and with a population of 27,064 inhabitants living in an area of 302.5 km². Its main commercial activities are agriculture and milk animal husbandry.


In the beginning of the 20th century, coffee was the city's most important economic activity, and, along with other municipalities, Miracema helped Rio de Janeiro state become the greatest coffee producer of the country.


Brazilian football manager Aymoré Moreira, and his brothers, Zezé Moreira and Ayrton Moreira, who were also managers, were born in the city. Miracema Futebol Clube is a city's football club.

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Coordinates: 21°24′43″S 42°11′49″W / 21.41194°S 42.19694°W / -21.41194; -42.19694